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Essential Understandings of Montana Hutterites

2010 Montana Frontier Schools

Teacher Resources

SmartCard Rubric

Goal Setting Form

Pre-Observation Form

Formative Lesson Analysis

Formative Observation Form

Summative Assessment Form

Improvement Plan Form

OPI/EPAS Documents and Website

IEFA Lessons

Big Hole

Northern Cheyenne

Gros Ventre Language


Indian Alphabet

Indian Numbers

MT Native History

American Indian Design

Mapping Flathead

Mapping Fort Belknap

Animal Books

Importance of the TeePee

Pow Wow

Salish Pend Orielle

Salish Language

Salish Stories


Star Quilt

Vanishing Breed

Library Resources

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Alaska Place Names

Alaska Place Names Handout

Field Trip to a New Place

Groundwater in the Cycle

Ancient Greece

Helena History

Animals and Plants in Environments

Humans of Eureka

Bannack State Park

Library Scavenger Hunt

Bees Lesson

Montana History Timeline

Who Was Biography Books (B6)

Online Safety

Big 6 Organizer

Big 6 Posters

Glacier Plants and Animals


Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags are Everywhere

Civil War

Plastic Bags - 2

Depths of the Ocean

Roller Coaster Physics

The Creative Hand

What is Worth Fighting For?

Endangered Species

World Traveler

Fiction vs. Non Fiction

Yellowstone National Park

Five Chinese Brothers

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